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Jesus Christ calls us to serve alongside others. In the situation we
find ourselves in at the moment, that is physically impossible to do.
One of the ways that we can fulfil our responsibility within the
Kingdom is to enable our treasurers to pay into the United Reformed
Church Ministry and Mission Fund.
Unfortunately, while we are unable to meet for worship and other
gatherings in our Chapels, the bills still keep arriving and there are
financial responsibilities to be met. This responsibility is not that of
the treasurer but that of the whole membership of the
Denominations throughout the Pastorate.
You may like to think of practical ways that you can help your own
individual Chapel by getting your regular offering to them, in what
ever way you see fit. One way that this can be achieved is by setting
up a regular bank transfer or standing order. To do this you will need
to contact your treasurer to obtain bank details.

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