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The situation we find ourselves in amid the
circumstances of The Covid 19 virus, has raised
some issues for me. Ian and I have been asked if
we will be “doing church” online? The answer to
that is yes and no! I donʼt have the knowledge or
expertise to cope with the technology! That is just
not the minister I was called to be! Ian has set up a
Pastorate Facebook page and of course there is the
Pastorate website at there you will
find pointers to worship prepared and downloaded
by a different URC minister each week, on Easter
Sunday Rev Dr John Bradbury – who was not only
my tutor at college (and now a dear friend) but is
also the next General Secretary of the
Denomination, will provide a Communion service,
what an opportunity for so many folk to be
connected by worship each week and a chance to
reflect on the word and put it into practice within
our own situations.

We will endeavour to put up a sermon type
reflection each week for those who are able to
access the internet. I am however, aware that many
folk in our Pastorate do not have access to a
computer or the internet. That raises the question
for me, not how to we ʻdo churchʼ but more how
do we ʻbe churchʼ!

One thought that came to me is that perhaps if it is
our turn to provide flowers in one of the chapels,
we still do so but rather than put them in an
unused building give them to someone is lonely
because of isolation. That might seem like a simple
idea but could make a big difference. Iʼm sure that
there are other ideas too.

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