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Dear Friends,

I have to begin this letter with a big apology to
the folk at Libanus, Iʼm not sure how but their
contribution to the last Link managed to escape
the printing process, I think likewise there was no
excuse for any of us not being aware of what was
happening at Llangynidr !

I said when I was called to this Pastorate that I will
make mistakes!( I hadnʼt expected them to be
quite so public.) they wonʼt be made deliberately
or maliciously but they will happen. They are
inevitable for I am human and as human beings
we are not perfect. Somebody once said to me
that they wouldnʼt want to be. There is only one
perfect man to have walked this earth – and
consider what humanity did to him.

As I write we are in the season of Lent and our
journey towards the agony of Maundy Thursday
and Good Friday before the celebration of Easter
morning and the joy of the resurrection. Iʼm very
aware that there are those amongst us who are
experiencing dark times of their own and pray
that they will feel the love, strength and comfort
of God who, I believe walks with us in our difficult
times. I know too that there are some looking
forward to celebrations and joyous occasions.
May we knot lose sight of God alongside us in our
happiness too………………..

Since beginning this letter, the world that we live
in seems to have changed, almost beyond
recognition! We are all in some way in social
isolation, some of course more than others.

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